Holland Orchids is a company dedicated to the production of cymbidiums as a cut flower. Our greenhouses are in the highlands of Guatemalan which provides the perfect environment for growing cymbidiums. The highly trained team of professional growers at Holland Orchids is committed to provide our customers with the highest quality of cymbidiums on the market through utilization of cutting edge technology and equipment.


We count with a high technology greenhouse which has been designed, fabricated and assembled by VDH. It is specially designed to grow cymbidiums and guarantees excellent quality stems with controlled climate and optimum transmission of light.  As a whole this system allows Holland Orchids to offer the longest steams, highest number of flowers per steam, and distinct colors.

The irrigation system precisely measures exact quantities of water and nutrients the plant needs, giving the ideal conditions at a substrate level, which creates a perfect environment for root development. 

Temperature Management
To control temperature, the greenhouse manages variables like radiation, ventilation, shading and wind speed. During cold nights, lower temperatures are deterred with a heating system, which consists of warm water running through pipes inside the greenhouse. This same system creates irradiation that warms up the air inside the greenhouse. 

Packing & Cooling Room
The packing room is made up of six packing stations, providing a comfortable environment for our workers and efficiency for their work.  The cooling room provides a prime storage space that conserves our flowers for excellence upon delivery.



Holland Orchids values the environment and is committed to conserving resources as much as possible. We exercise our environmental responsibility through various mechanisms. An example is the use of solar panels which provides more than 85% of the energy consumed by our equipment.

At Holland Orchids we care for diversity and sustainability. More than half of our employees are female providing them with healthcare and the opportunity to receive an extra income for their household. 

Our business also focuses on ethical and responsible practices with regard to social, economic and environmental responsibility. All employees get constant training on issues regarding public health and wellness, safety procedures, and environmental requirements that help them improve their quality of life, work environment, as well as those of the surrounding community.